Prolene Pond Liner Underlay

Prolene Pond Liner Underlay

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Unlike felt alternatives this material is much easier to lay in wet and boggy conditions as it doesn't have the same tendency for water absorption. Most importantly, it is rot proof and offers guarantee-backed protection against damage to liners from stones and other foreign bodies.

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How to work out how much underlay you need:

Underlay Length Required: Max Pond Length + 2x Maximum Pond Depth
Underlay Width Required: Max Pond Width + 2x Maximum Pond Depth

Once you have worked out how much liner you require, add 50cm to both the length and width to allow for some overlap to help secure the liner in place.

For example:
If you have a pond size of 3m x 4m x 2m (L x W x D):
Underlay Length = 3m + (2x 2m Depth = 4m) + 50cm Overlap = 7.5m
Underlay Width = 4m + (2x 2m Depth = 4m) + 50cm Overlap = 8.5m

Total Underlay Required: 7.5 x 8.5m


2m Width

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