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Black Corrugated Pond HoseBlack Corrugated Pond Hose
Double Wire Hose Pond Hose ClipsDouble Wire Hose Pond Hose Clips
Inline hose joinersInline hose joiners
Pisces Inline hose joiners
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Inline Hose ReducerInline Hose Reducer
Pisces Inline Hose Reducer
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Stainless Steel Jubilee Type Pond Hose ClipsStainless Steel Jubilee Type Pond Hose Clips
Barbed Elbow ConnectorBarbed Elbow Connector
Pisces Barbed Elbow Connector
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Hosetail Connectors - FemaleHosetail Connectors - Female
Green Flexible PVC Aquatic HoseGreen Flexible PVC Aquatic Hose
Hosetail Connectors - MaleHosetail Connectors - Male
Pond Rubber Solvent Fittings with ClipsPond Rubber Solvent Fittings with Clips
Pisces Siena Preformed PondPisces Siena Preformed Pond
Multi-Stage to BSP threaded Hose Adapters - MaleMulti-Stage to BSP threaded Hose Adapters - Male
Barbed T- ConnectorsBarbed T- Connectors
Pisces Barbed T- Connectors
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5 Metres (38mm) Replacement Pre Cut Pond Hose5 Metres (38mm) Replacement Pre Cut Pond Hose
2 Way Flow Adjuster Tap2 Way Flow Adjuster Tap
Pisces 2 Way Flow Adjuster Tap
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Pond and Aquarium Fixer Liner SealantPond and Aquarium Fixer Liner Sealant
Prolene Pond Liner UnderlayProlene Pond Liner Underlay
COLD GLUE TAPE x 1 metre
Pisces Mill Preformed Garden Pond - 140LPisces Mill Preformed Garden Pond - 140L
Solvent Weld Ball ValvesSolvent Weld Ball Valves
Pisces Solvent Weld Ball Valves
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EPDM Pond Liner - 5m widthEPDM Pond Liner - 5m width
Pisces EPDM Pond Liner - 5m width
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EPDM Pond Liner- 4m widthEPDM Pond Liner- 4m width
Pisces EPDM Pond Liner- 4m width
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Oase FoamFix Expanding Pond Sealant
Oase Pontec PondoStar Set 30Oase Pontec PondoStar Set 30

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