Pisces Air Curtains for Aquariums and Fish Tanks

Pisces Air Curtains for Aquariums and Fish Tanks

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Create a dynamic and visually pleasing display, along with providing water movement and aeration by adding an Air Curtain to your Aquarium.

Suitable for salt and fresh water use, these soft rubber Air Curtains can be formed into almost any shape to create an impressive decorative wall of bubbles inside of your fish tank.

Whether it is placed at the back of the aquarium to create a fantastic looking background or used as an additional decorative piece to your existing decoration, you can create visually stunning effects whilst adding oxygen and style to your fish tank.

*Please Note* The 30cm and 45cm Air Curtains require 1 air input and the 60cm, 75cm and 90cm require 2 air inputs. (Please see pictures for reference)


  • Variety of Lengths: 300 / 450 / 600 / 750 / 900mm
  • Fits 4mm Air Tube
  • Flexible Soft Rubber Material
  • Colour: Black

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