Oase OxyTex Air Pump Sets

Oase OxyTex Air Pump Sets

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OxyTex CWS is a world innovation developed by Oase: it offers a unique combination of pond aeration, circulation and settlement surface.

It supplies the pond with vital oxygen while the ideal structure of the fibres ensures that there is a lot of space for important micro-organisms that decompose the nutrients.

The circulation capacity of an OxyTex 1000 and 2000 increases the filter performance by up to 25% and the 400 by 10%, thus activating the entire pond.


Each set is complete with 2 metre cable to the transformer and 3 metres from transformer to the air pump. The air pump can be positioned outside, as well as the transformer which must be protected from flooding. Each set is complete with 2 x 5 metre airline and 2 x air stones.

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