Oase FiltoClear Foam Sets

Oase FiltoClear Foam Sets

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Replacement foam sets for Oase FiltoClear water filters.

Over the course of time the filter foam inside a pond filter will need to be replaced to ensure the constant function of the pond filter in the production of clear and healthy water.

These official Oase FiltoClear foam replacement sets will restore your FiltoClear filter back to its full efficiency.

Sets available for all models of Oase FiltoClear filter


Filter Foam Set (Part Number) Fits Model (Part Number)
3000 (56109) FiltoClear 3000 (55997)
6000 (56110) FiltoClear 6000 (56052)
11000 (56111) FiltoClear 11000 (56053)
12000 (51255) FiltoClear 12000 (51245)
15000 (56884) FiltoClear 15000 (56826)
16000 (51258) FiltoClear 16000 (51248)
20000-30000 (51290) FiltoClear 20000 (50580)
FiltoClear 30000 (50581)

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