Oase biOrb Aquarium Spiral Brush 8cm - 43964

Oase biOrb Aquarium Spiral Brush 8cm - 43964

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Oase Aquarium Spiral Brush, a new accessory for your aquarium.

The Oase 8cm aquarium spiral brush can be used to clean out your airline or hose tubing. The brush can be used on hoses with an inner diameter from 9mm to 25mm.

Cleaning the hose on a regular basis will ensure the filtration system is kept at its best and will clear blockages and algae build up.

The spiral brush is made of a fine stainless steel type coil that is flexible and able to reach through tight spaces. The head also has increased flexibility with its feathered like bristles able to clean into winding pipes effectively.


Brush Head Dimensions: Length 50mm x Diameter 30mm

Spiral Cord Dimension: 1500mm Length

Suitable for hoses: Internal diameter 9mm-25mm

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