Oase BioMaster Aquarium Pre Filter Foam and Media Sets

Oase BioMaster Aquarium Pre Filter Foam and Media Sets

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Genuine Oase Pre Filter Foams set, suitable for the BioMaster Aquarium Filter.

The Oase BioMaster Aquarium Filter has a selection of Foams and Pre Filter media to help keep the water at its best as it passes through the system.

Here we have replacement Pre Filter foams in 30ppi, 45ppi and 60ppi and available in sets of 4 and 6. The carbon based prefilterfoams are available as 4 and 6 packs.

Also available is the normal filter foam in 20 ppi and 30ppi. All you could need to replace the foam and media in your filter


4 and 6 Packs

30ppi Orange

50mm x 50mm

45ppi Blue

50mm x 50mm

60ppi Black

50mm x 50mm

Carbon Foams

50mm x 50mm

Single Foams

20ppi Blue foam

180mm x 160mm x 55mm

30ppi Orange Foam

190mm x 180mm x 20mm

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