Moerings Water Lily Pond Plant Kit

Moerings Water Lily Pond Plant Kit

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Moerings Water Lily Kits allow you to easily add beautiful looking plants to your pond without a fuss.

Each kit contains a Water Lily, planting basket, gravel and soil to allow you to quickly get setup in no time. Simply place the soil in the basket, position the plant and then spread the gravel around the plants to hide the roots. Once you have done that you can position the plants in your pond and move them to their perfect location.

Different plants thrive in different locations of the pond, and in particular, Water Lilys do best sitting between 0 -40cm underwater.


Scientific Name species
Nymphaea Chromatella Yellow Water Lily
Nymphaea Carnea Pink Water Lily
Nymphaea Attraction Red Water Lily
Nymphaea Albida White Water Lily

Each Pack Contains:
1x 18cm x 18cm x 12cm Planting Basket
1x Water Lily
Pond Soil

Included in water lily trio mix pack

1x 18cm x 18cm x 12cm Planting Basket

3x Plants (White, Red, and Yellow Nymphea)

Pond Soil


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