Fish Mate Powerclenz P-UV Pressurised Filters with UVC

Fish Mate Powerclenz P-UV Pressurised Filters with UVC

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Pond maintenance is now easier than ever with Fish Mate's Pressurised Pond Filters, which includes a built in Ultra Violet Clarifier providing UV clarification that destroys algae, in addition to the mechanical and biological filtration resulting in beautifully crystal clear healthy pond water.

The Powerclenz P-UV range are pressurised filters, which means it can be installed above or below ground level and return water uphill as opposed to traditional gravity filters which must be placed above the pond. This gives you more freedom of where to position the system and allows you to bury it up to the lid making it less intrusive. A good example would be at the bottom of a waterfall.

The Powerclenz P-UV range features a unique self-cleaning function. Just by a twist of a knob you can activate the“Powerclenz' system where the foams will be squeezed by up to 1000lb of force through water pressure. This will release sludge and dirt from the media through a separate discharge outlet. Not only does this increase the life of your filter media and reduce the time maintaining the system, the removed sludge can be used around the garden as a very effective fertiliser for your plants.

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