API Liquid Salt Water Master Test Kit

API Liquid Salt Water Master Test Kit


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API Salt Water Master Test Kit, for accurate testing of Marine/Salt Aquariums

The quality of the water inside an aquarium is essential in order to keep the aquarium fish happy and healthy. The levels can be tested to ensure they are at their best.

Using the API Saltwater test kit, you can test your water and prevent any dangerous water conditions.

All tests are easy to use and have easy to read colour charts. Included in the box are test bottles for High Range pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate

Also included is 4 test tubes, a holding tray, colour charts and full instructions.




High range pH, (7.4 - 8.8)

Ammonia (NH3/NH4),

Nitrate (NO2)

Nitrite (NO3)

Contents: 6 bottles, 4 test tubes. colour chart and holding try

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