Zetlight Aquarium LED Freshwater Lights

Zetlight Aquarium LED Freshwater Lights

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Zetlight fresh water aquarium lights allow not only for an aesthetically pleasing illumination of your aquarium, but also the ability for plant life to grow due to the wavelength emitted from the lights.

The Zetlight is available in either a 16W or a 21W model. Both models are suitable for planted and freshwater tanks.

The 16W version is the smaller version out of the two, measuring at 31cm length, and 12cm width. The 16w model also comes with the option to use mounted legs in order to be able to mount the light across the length of your aquarium, this is an alternative option to the rear arm mount which is also included and featured in the photo above. The measurements for the attachments are provided under the specifications.

The 21W version is the larger version out of the two, measuring at 47.5cm length, 12.8cm width, and 4cm depth.

Please see the technical details and specifications in the provided table.


ZA1200 ZA2430



No. LEDs



LED Breakdown

28x White, 4x Red, 4x Green

42x White

Light Unit Dimensions

31cm Length x 12cm Width x 3cm Depth/Height

47.5cm Length x 12.8cm Width x 4cm Depth/Height

Rear Clamp Provided

YES (Adjustable Height 17cm Max)


Side Clamps Provided

YES (44 -46cm Tank Width)

YES (46 -73cm Tank Width)

Height (Using Side Clamps)

6cm Approx.

10cm Approx.

Max Tank Glass Thickness for Clamps



Both models suitable for both freshwater and planted tanks.

Optimum colour temperature of 6500K for both variations.

Wavelength of light range 450 - 465nm (suitable for corals to grow and flourish).

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