Velda VT Universal Pond Protection Cover Nets

Velda VT Universal Pond Protection Cover Nets

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When the autumn comes, extra care and maintenance is needed to ensure the pond is kept to its best and protected from its surroundings.

The Velda Universal Protection nets are simple and lightweight mesh netting that sits over any pond to offer multiple areas of protection.

The net sits over the water and stops any fallen leaves, branches or debris from entering the water and disrupting the life inside. Not only that, but it makes removal of the debris easy as it catches on the net surface and can be easily gathered, rather then being chased over a pond surface.

The nets offer more then just protection from general debris, but they also protect the pond life inside from predators and inquisitive animals like cats and dogs. The net will ensure the predators can not attack the fish inside and stops Herons when they attempt to feed from unexpected fish.

The Protection nets can also be used to cover and protect vegetable patches, growing crops and areas that animals may attempt to attack

The nets come in a selection of sizes, to suit any size pond or area


4 Sizes Available

2 x 3m

4 x 4m

5 x 6m

4 x 10m

Please Note. This is a net only, Pegs are not included

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