Velda Silenta Pro Pond Air Pump Outdoor

Velda Silenta Pro Pond Air Pump Outdoor

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Model: Silenta Air 1200 Outdoor
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New for 2018 is the Velda Silenta Air Pump Outdoor, a reliable and sturdy aerator to ensure essential oxygen is added to your pond water.

Garden ponds and the life inside them flourish better with balanced levels of oxygen in the water. Adding an aeration system, like the Silenta Air pump, can greatly benefit the pond and its inhabitants.

As the weather temperature rises in the summer, so does the water temperature in the pond. Your fish and plants will be more active during this period and thus require more oxygen to thrive. Furthermore warmer water holds less oxygen than cold water,which is why you may see fish start to swim closer to surface to gasp for air on very hot days.

Air pumps increase the oxygen levels by pumping air directly into the water. Air pumps are also effective in the colder winter months if the water is at risk of freezing over. The pump will create bubbles and water movement that help to prevent the surface freezing solid, this allows oxygen a natural way into the pond and the harmful waste gasses a way out.

The Velda Silenta Pro Outdoor pumps are a superior line of Air pump, providing you with a reliable system combined with a powerful yield. The pump is rainwater-proof and is best located at the side of the pond. The Silenta has also been designed to be an extremely low noise level pump with an extended long life.

Each Air pump comes with all you could need for an instant set up including airline tubing, airstone and multiple outlets.

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