Velda Professional UVC Pond Clarifier

Velda Professional UVC Pond Clarifier

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An Ultra Violet Clarifier (UVC) is an essential part of any pond filtration system. The unit works hard, along side the filter and pump, to create crystal clear and clean water for the fish and plants inside.

Algae forms in a pond due to the waste produced by plants and fish, a UVC uses a powerful Ultra Violet light that emits from the unit as the water passes through. The algae is then clumped together by this light and makes it easier for the filter to handle, producing clear water as it works through the filtration system

The Velda Professional UVC filter is equipped with a selection of features that makes it the ultimate UVC choice for your pond.

Each unit is provided with an electronic transformer which generates less heat, consumes less energy and has a longer life. The UVC also has a safety function that allows the unit to be opened for cleaning or bulb changes without the harmful UVC being in contact with anyone.

Also provided is an additional hose connector mounted on the end of the UVC, this allows for a left or right orientated outflow of water. Opposite the output connector is a handy inspection window that allows safe checking that the UVC inside is working

The casing of the UVC unit is constructed of aluminum tube with a special coating that helps to enhance the UVC intensity inside the unit and increase its effect on the pond water.

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