Velda Laser Guard Pond Pest Deterrent

Velda Laser Guard Pond Pest Deterrent

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Providing protection against herons and other pests is an important thing to consider when owning a pond as to prevent the loss of your beloved fish.

In the spring time herons search for food to feed their young, and when summer comes along these young Herons start to feed themselves and the most appealing location for Herons to find food is a fish pond. As food supplies are hard to find, Herons see pond fish as an easy food source and will return to feed again and again if they know they can get a successful meal each time. Unfortunately, colourful fish are a highly attractive meal to Herons, and if your pond isn't protected then its an easy target.

The Velda Laser Guard tackles pond pests with ease, and provides a wide array of equipped gadgets to keep them away from your fish.

The Laser Guard features a strong and durable metal stand which can be placed into the ground next to your pond securely. With the sensor built in to the device, your pond is completely covered with a range 100° degrees wide and a reach of 12 metres.

The Velda Laser Guard uses 3 different methods of keeping pests away from your pond:

  • Blazing flashes of light
  • Green laser beams
  • Penetrating sounds of herons in danger, barking dogs and terrifying crys of poisonous frogs.

The sounds can be turned on and off at your own accord to suit your needs, and sometimes the noises are not needed to deter away pests. The quick bursts of light and laser beams causes Herons to take off, and with the variable programme featured on the Laser Guard, Herons and other pests will not get the chance to get used to the deterrents patterns, noises and lights.

Because Herons are not active at night time, the Velda Laser Guard automatically switches itself off after dark, and switches back on at dawn which saves you both electricity and unwanted activity at night from the Laser Guard.

The Velda Laser Guard is also effective against other animals such as Cats, and makes for an easy to use, reliable way of deterring pests away from your pond.



Overall Dimensions 103 x 7cm

Pole Dimensions: 80cm

Power Cable Length: 5 Metres

Guarantee: 2 Years

Comes with instructions manual for easy setup.

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