Tetra Koi Beauty Fish Food

Tetra Koi Beauty Fish Food

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Tetra Koi Beauty fish food is a newly developed complete diet that is specifically formulated to give the best nutrition possible for your Koi. With important vitamins, Omega-3 fatty acids and beta-glucan, Tetra Koi Beauty provides your livestock with the highest quality ingredients needed to keep your fish happy, healthy and thriving.

Tetra Koi Beauty has been scientifically designed to cater for Koi fish throughout the different stages of their life through all seasons, and offer 3 different size options:

Tetra Koi Beauty First
A balanced formula featuring essential proteins and high quality nutrients specifically catered for young Koi in the early stages of their lives.

Tetra Koi Beauty Small
Specially catered daily diet for Koi larger than 10cm.

Tetra Koi Beauty Medium
Specially catered daily diet for Koi large than 20cm.


Sizes Available:


1kg / 4L

2.9kg / 10L

Feeding Directions:

Feed several times daily, only as much as your fish consume within 3 minutes. The metabolism of your Koi during the winter months is greatly reduced so feed only during the daytime when the water temperature is relatively high.

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