Tetra Aquarium Plant Crypto Tabs

Tetra Aquarium Plant Crypto Tabs

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Tetra Crypto Tablets are a plant root fertiliser for freshwater aquariums.

Having a vibrant plant display in an aquarium promotes a biological balance in the tank. Use the Tetra Crypto Tablets in an aquarium to help establish healthy and lush plants.

The tablets promote long term fertilisation directly to the root of the plant as well as adding enriched iron and trace elements into the gravel for improved biological activity.

Contains no added nitrate and phosphate and is safe to use. Prevents unnecessary growth of Algae.


Sizes Available:

10 Tabs

30 Tabs

Dosage Rate

Add at a rate of 1 tablet per 20 litres of aquarium water for initial fertilisation.

Then at a rate of 1 tablet per 40 litres for re-fertilisation after each partial water change. Crush the tablets and press into the substrate directly at the plant roots.

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