Tetra Aquarium Goldfish Aquasafe 100ml

Tetra Aquarium Goldfish Aquasafe 100ml

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Tetra Goldfish Aquasafe is specifically designed to condition tap water for make it safe for goldfish.

Tap water contains chlorine that while harmless to humans is dangerous for aquarium fish. Tetra Goldfish Aquasafe is a conditioner that immediately turns tap water into safe aquarium water for goldfish.

The treatment removes all contaminants and is highly effective at binding heavy metals.

Aquasafe for Goldfish also adds a protective slime coating to goldfish to help heal and protect all fish from wounds and abrasions.

Use Aquasafe for Goldfish when developing new aquariums or when actioning water changes.


100ml Bottle

Treat tap water with 5ml of treatment for every 10 litres of water.

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