Superfish Pond Eco Plus Pumps

Superfish Pond Eco Plus Pumps

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The Superfish Pond Eco Plus range are a set of powerful pond pumps, allowing high water flow with low energy consumption. The PondEco Plus Pumps are designed to pump water to pond filters and watercourses/waterfalls, with the ability to handle solid matter up to 8mm thanks to an external cage which prevents large solid matter from passing through.

The pumps are easy to install and both feature a top and side outlet. The low energy consumption makes the EcoPlus Pond Pump a conscious, environmentally friendly alternative to standard pumps. You can have peace of mind with Superfishs 3 year warranty on both pond pump models.

All PondEco Plus pumps have a TRF (Thermal Resettable Fuse) that will automatically switch off the pump if it overheats to prevent motor damage. Once cooled, after about 15 to 20 minutes the pump will switch itself back on.

Both Pumps Include a 1.5" Multi hose connector (40/32/25mm)

Pond Eco Plus 12000 Pump
The Max flow rate for the 12000 model is 10,850 l/h which makes it perfect for medium to large sized ponds. The max head for this unit is 3.4 Metres, running at a power of 135w

Pond Eco Plus 20000 Pump
The 20000 model can handle 18,500 l/h which makes it suitable for large sized ponds. The max head for this unit is 5.5 Metres, running at a power of 220W

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