Oase biOrb Replacement LED and MCR Light Units

Oase biOrb Replacement LED and MCR Light Units

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Model: Standard Small Accessory Pack
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Key Features


Oase biOrb supply a large range of replacement LED lights for the biOrb aquariums, giving you more choice in the way to customise your set up

Replacement Standard LED Light (Small/Large)

A high quality replacement long life LED light for the Halogen Unit on your Baby (small) or Classic (Large) biOrb Aquarium. The LED light has a cable with a switch but no plug. The cable simply plugs straight into your existing 12V Transformer, eliminating the need for extra plug sockets. The Light has a curved underside to help moisture run off the surface, this reduces the need for cleaning. The bright LED inside the unit has a 15 year or 50,000 hour life when used for 8 hours daily.

Replacement MCR Light (Small/Large)

The MCR LED system is a new way of adding extra colour to your biOrb. The light unit sits in the top of the biOrb much like the Standard LED, but the MCR has the added bonus of being controlled by remote. The led can be set with 1 of 16 different colour settings as well as different intensity levels. The light can simulate the light of day or night and can be programmed for 4 different time cycles (8, 10, 12 or 14 hours), 2 year guarantee on all MCR Lights

Designed to fit Small- All sizes of Classic, Life 15, Tube 15, 30 and 35 and BiUbe

Large - Life 30, 45 and 60 and Flow 15 and 30

Halo 30 Standard LED

Designed only to fit the biOrb Halo 30, this light unit is simple to fit inside the aquarium when your existing light needs to be replaced. The standard light in the Halo 30 is attached to a plastic plate that sits inside the top of the tank and can clip in easily. The plate section has also been designed with two small removable sections that can be removed if you install a heater into your tank, this keeps the power cables safe and tidy. Note - the Standard Halo LED will only fit early Halo 30 Standard Tank models (Before the MCR and Moonlight LEDs were launched)

All LEDs can be plugged into your existing biOrb Aquarium transformer, eliminating the need for extra power points and the light can be concealed in the lid of the aquarium.


LED Light Dimensions Will Fit
Small LEDStandard 11cm x 4cm Baby biOrb
Large LED Standard 14.5 x 2cm biOrb 30 and 60
Small MCR LED 11cm x 2cm (14.5cm x 2cm in adaptor ring) Classic 15 -105, Life 15, BiUbe and Tube
Large MCR LED 14.5cm x 2cm (15 x 15 x 2 in tray) Life 30, 45 and 60, Flow 15 and 30
Halo 30 Standard LED 15 x 2cm biOrb Halo 30 Standard Tank only

All Lights have a 1.5m cable with on and off switch (no UK Plug) and can be plugged directly into a biOrb Transformer (not supplied)

Note- Halo 30 Standard will only work with the Standard LED version of the 30 Litre Halo - will not work with the earlier moonlight or newer MCR versions

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