Oase biOrb Air Terrarium Replacement Automatic Misting Unit

Oase biOrb Air Terrarium Replacement Automatic Misting Unit

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Oase biOrb Replacement Automatic Misting Unit

The biOrbAir Terrarium features a built in microprocessor and humidity sensor which controls the humidity by activating the ultrasonic automatic mister in the top reservoir as required. The water level in the reservoir is detected by a sensor on the ultrasonic mister, when this drops below minimum level a signal is sent to the microprocessor which activates the low water level indicator. The sensor uses electrolytes in the water as a way to detect the water, helped by the use of biOrb HumidiMist in the unit. When the sensors detect this, it automatically triggers the misting system inside of the Terrarium.

The acrylic unit is easy to replace as it slots neatly into the top of the biOrb Air Terrarium.

NOTE - this unit only fits the older BiOrb Air Units (made before and up to 2018)


1 x Acrylic Misting Unit

Part No: 46153

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