KCT Decoy Wasp Nest - 3 Pack

KCT Decoy Wasp Nest - 3 Pack


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This pack of 3 Decoy Wasp Nest is an excellent humane deterrent for wasps seeking to make a nest of their own near your property.

The Decoy Wasp Nest works on the premise that wasps are extremely territorial and will not set up a neighboring nest next to an already established colony.

Set these decoy wasp nests near your garden and bbq areas as a humane way to deter wasps from imposing on your property.

The nests can be set up quickly by using the metal support rod that runs through the center of the decoy nest to make it rigid. A piece of string for attaching the nest to a suitable location is also included.

Please see the correct hanging and distance specifications below. The decoy wasp nest should not be allowed to get wet.


Decoy Wasp Nest Dims (W x H): 26 x 21cm

Recommended nest hanging height: 6 - 8 inches.

Hang nest 4 - 12ft from any cooking area.

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