KCT Cover for Verona Rabbit Hutch

KCT Cover for Verona Rabbit Hutch


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Hutch covers to fit the Verona Rabbit Hutch and Run.

The covers fit the Verona range of hutches from 2012 to 2015. Please read description to ensure you choose the correct cover for your hutch.

2012 -2015 Model (Model with door access in front run panel)

The cover comes in two pieces to make it easier to fix. A roof cover and then a separate lower cover. The hutch and run cover has clear plastic windows that cover the run, still allowing the light to flow through. There are small strips of ventilation material that run across the plastic windows, allowing air to flow around the hutch. A space is allowed for the doors and the tray and the flaps open and close easily. The cover is easy to install and idea to extend the life of the hutch and keep out the weather.

New 2015 Model (Hutch without any door in the front run panel)

The new cover is made of a strong and durable weather proof type material and is designed to fit easily over the hutch. The windows are made of a strong plastic with small reinforced holes to ensure ventilation around the hutch. Zips are provided to ensure easy and quick access to the doors and windows.

Like the older model, this cover comes in two pieces and is easy to attach.

Please contact us if you are unsure which version of the Verona you have and which cover you would need


Dimensions: L155 x W53 x H70cm*

Colour: Brown

* Based on the outermost extremities of the Hutch

Please check model details before ordering

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