KCT Cover for Palermo Hutch

KCT Cover for Palermo Hutch


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Key Features


Durable Hutch cover for Palermo Hutch and Run

The Palermo Hutch cover is a durable and strong weather proof protector.

Made from a strong weather resistant type material, the cover is designed to protect the hutch from the changes in weather and extend the life of the hutch.

The windows of the hutch are covered with strong plastic panels and each panel has air holes to let the air circulate.

The cover sits snuggly over the entire hutch and has convenient zips to assist in attaching it.


Cover fits Palermo Hutch

Approx Dimension* : L200 x W94 x H150cm

Colour: Brown

*Based on outermost extremities of the Palermo Hutch

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