Interpet Gold Fish Bowl Undergravel Filtration Kit

Interpet Gold Fish Bowl Undergravel Filtration Kit

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The Interpret Gold Fish Filtration Starter kit is a perfect combination of vital equipment for any beginner

Aquarium fish need clean and healthy water to live in, so filtering the water is an essential part of fish keeping

Included in the starter kit is the Aqua Air Mini aquarium air pump. Built for reliable, long-lasting performance, its powerful airflow and carbon impregnated filter reduced air pollution in the aquarium for healthier, happier goldfish.

Also included in the kit is a handy filter plate with a carbon filter that allows the air to travel from the air pump to the fish tanks gravel where the beneficial bacteria growing on the gravel cleanse the water of waste and sends the cleaner water up the centre pole to produce air bubbles at the top of the bowl.

A plastic plant and all relevant air tubing is provided to make set up quick and simple


Model Assembled Dimensions (HxWxD) Includes
Goldfish Filter Starter Kit Assembled: 13.8 x 9 x 14cm 1 x Aqua Air Mini Aquarium Air Pump, 1 x Check Valve, 1 x Round airstone 7/8”, 1 x 1m Airline tubing, 1 x Undergravel filter plate, 1 x Plastic plant, 1 x Instruction leaflet

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