Interpet Complete Goldfish Bowl Starter Kit

Interpet Complete Goldfish Bowl Starter Kit

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The Interpret Goldfish Bowl starter kit is the ultimate kit for those wanting to begin fish keeping but are unsure where to start.

The handy set contains all that is needed to set up a small fish bowl with minimal effort.

Contained in the kit is a 31cm diameter Glass bowl and a plastic plant to add a little creative spark as you set it up.

Tap Safe Dechlorinator enables you to make average tap water safe for any fish by removing the harmful chemicals that can effect fish.

A complete filter kit is also included that provides an air pump, airline and airstones to help provide essential oxygen to the water.


Set Includes -1 x Glass Bowl – 31cm Diameter, 24cm height
1 x Tap Safe Dechlor Treatment
1 x Plastic plant (colour and design may vary)
1 x 10cm x 7cm Fish catch Net
1 x Fish Health Food
1 x Filter kit containing Aqua Air Mini Pump, Airline, Airstones, Filter Plate and filter cartridge

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