Interpet 7w LED Replacement Bulbs

Interpet 7w LED Replacement Bulbs

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The Interpet 7 Watt LED lights are an ideal replacement for your traditional 15 watt energy saving lamps, which are used in the Interpet Fishbox and Fishpod Aquariums.

Both the Bright Day White and the Blue Moonlight 7w LED Lights consume over 50% less energy than the traditional bulbs, and will illuminate your aquarium in style whilst creating a beautiful ripple effect.

The Interpet 7 Watt LED Blue Moonlight bulb is great for night time viewing, helping to encourage and stimulate nocturnal aquatic species to venture out into the aquarium.

The Interpet 7 Watt Bright Day bulb provides an ideal spectrum which promotes healthy plant growth, and also brings out the colours of your fish and live plants for pleasant viewing.


Bright Day White 7 Watt LED:

Measures: 5" (126mm)

LEDs: 35 x 0.2w

Blue Moonlight 7 Watt LED:

Measures: 5" (126mm)

LEDs: 35 x 0.2w

Suitable For:

Interpet Fish Box 48L Aquarium

Interpet Fish Pod 64L Aquarium

Interpet Fish Box Moon 19L Aquarium

Interpet Fish Pod Moon 39L Aquarium

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