Interpet 15w Replacement Bulbs

Interpet 15w Replacement Bulbs

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Having the right lighting in your Aquarium can have a big impact on the plants and coral health, which can lead to a poor Aquarium environment. This can lead to ill health of fish and live plants and in turn will make your Aquarium look dull.

By making sure to replace the light bulbs in the Aquarium, you are providing the correct lighting for your live plants, which in turn will bring your Aquarium to life.

The Interpet 15w Replacement Daylight Bulb is specifically formulated to enhance the red colour in ornamental fish whilst still keeping algae to a minimum by reducing the use of the light spectrum that contributes to encouraging algae growth.

The Interpet Daylight 15w Bulb is a versatile and reliable replacement which is suitable for both Tropical and Coldwater Aquariums where there are plants that require low light levels.

The Interpet Cool Blue Moon Replacement Night Light Bulb is a replacement fluorescent lamp for your Interpet Fish Pod (48L, 64L, 120L) based on a 03 Actinic Spectrum which provides stunning night time lighting to make your Aquarium stand out even at night time. These bulbs are particularly ideal for night time viewing and observing nocturnal fish.

All fluorescent bulbs should be replaced every 12 months as their effective performance diminishes over time. If you notice algae or slow plant growth then this usually indicates the bulb needs replacing even if the bulb still lights up the Aquarium.

Available as Single Bulb Replacements or take advantage of our 2 Bulb Bundle deal and save!


Bulb Measurements:

Bright Day White 15w: 180mm (7.1) x 40mm (1.5")

Cool Blue Moon 15w: 165mm (6.5") x 21mm (0.84")

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