Hydor Prime External Aquarium Filters

Hydor Prime External Aquarium Filters

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Key Features


Hydor Prime External filter is a compact canister style filter, a perfect choice for any aquarium.

The Prime Filter has a range of features to help provide your tank with efficient aquarium filtration.

Easy to install, the filter has fully adjustable hose input and output taps, allowing you to control the flow rate to suit your aquarium needs. The tubes can detach easy from the lid. The Prime series of filters has a self priming system for easy set up and this guarantees a highly efficient filtration system taking the dirt and debris out of the aquarium leaving you a clean tank.

The canister has a tight closing clip system to prevent the risk of flooding.

The filter also has a flow indicator sensor that monitors the proper functioning of the filter media. The Prime filters uses 4 stages of filtration; active carbon, sponge, a biological media and a final coarse sponge media this ensures the complete filtration of the water and produces clear quality water.

*Please Note - Carbon Media is not supplied.*

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