Hydor Flo Rotating Water Deflector

Hydor Flo Rotating Water Deflector

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Key Features


Hydor Rotating Water Deflector is an easy to use diffuser that attaches to the outlet of any pump of filter.

With a 360° rotating cycle, the deflector sits neatly at the water surface and gently diffuses the aquarium water as it turns around. The revolving movement of the attachment stirs the water and helps to increase oxygen and surface gas that prevents the formation of unsightly white lines that can form on the water surface.

The soft movement of the water helps to move the plants and invertebrates and create an overall look of wave movement.

The Deflector can be attached to the outlet of any pump or filter in the tank water by way of a selection of adaptors provided in the box.

The unit is suitable for Marine and Freshwater aquariums and uses no extra energy


Comes with a selection of attachments to use with a variety of pumps.

Dimension: L7cm x 4cm Diameter

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