Hydor Ekomixo Automatic Aquarium Feeder

Hydor Ekomixo Automatic Aquarium Feeder

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Key Features


Feeding your aquarium fish is made easy with the Hydor Ekomixo Automatic feeder.

With its simple design, the Ekomixo is capable of delivering up to 3 feeds a day. The size of the feed amount can be adjusted by way of the dial on the side if the unit. There are 10 different portion sizes to choose from.

The unit is compact and has a see through food dispenser. The dispenser detaches for easy filling.

The front has a simple to use control panel that clearly shows the amount of feeds programed. Working on 1, 2 or 3 feeds a day, the feeder will feed at set intervals suited around the program you choose.

Designed to only use flakes, the feeder has a unique bonus of being compatible with connection to an aerator (air pump), available to purchase in our store, to keep the food dry and crisp. A special mixing vibration prevents clumps from forming in the dispenser.


Dimensions: 150 x 76 x 60 mm

Capacity : 90ml

Dose Settings: 10

Feeds Allowed: 1 -3 a day

Feeds will activate :1 feed (every 24 hours )

2 Feeds (every 8 hours)

3 Feeds (every 6 hours)

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