Henry Wag Elevated Dog Beds

Henry Wag Elevated Dog Beds

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Key Features


The Henry Wag elevated bed features a firm wooden base which provides a comfortable sleeping position for you dog. This feature also provides support for dogs with back and joint problems or those recovering from surgery. The design keeps access for your dog easy while still making cleaning in and around the bed accessible. The fabric of the cover is designed not to absorb moisture and also to be a quick drying surface as to eliminate a build up of bacteria. This, in turn, also helps to reduce odours and keep the bed and surrounding area fresh.


Size Weight Colour Assembled Size Sleeping Area Dog Weight
Small 4.0kg Grey 510 x 400 x 300mm 510 x 340mm Up to 10kg
Medium 4.5kg Grey 710 x 570 x 300mm 650 x 510mm Up to 15kg
Large 6.5kg Grey 860 x 760 x 300mm 800 x 660mm Up to 35kg
Extra Large 9.0kg Grey 1070 x 870 x 300mm 1010 x 810mm Up to 65kg

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