Fish Mate Gravity GUV Pond Filter

Fish Mate Gravity GUV Pond Filter

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Model: 2500GUV
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Poor water quality is invariably the main cause of fish falling sick, hence the importance of suitable pond water filter to keep it at the necessary standard in order to maintain healthy fish. Fish Mate GUV Pond filters work by removing impurities from the pond water making for a clearer garden pond and resulting in benefits for owners and inhabitants.

The revolutionary design of Fish Mate UV+Bio Pond Filters combines UV clarification and biological filtration to guarantee crystal clear, purified water at a very attractive price. All models feature UV tubes positioned over the water, thus eliminating issues of scaling, quartz tube replacement and frost damage associated with conventional UV clarifiers. The comprehensive range caters for ponds to 15000 litres (3300 gallons).

Stage 1: Algae destruction.

By slowly passing the single celled algae that cause green water in front of UVC light, the algae is caused to clump together and start to die.

Stage 2: Mechanical Filtration.

Specially developed, profiled filter sponge pads will trap algae clumps plus other large particles and are easily rinsed for regular maintenance.

Stage 3: Biological Purification.

After mechanical filtration, the pond water passes through Fish Mate SUPRA Biological Filter Medium, possessing over 100 times the biological surface area of conventional plastic media. The specific structure of SUPRA enables rapid growth of aerobic bacteria resulting in removal of lethal ammonia and nitrite. The clean and filtered water then returns to the pond under gravity so no need for additional pipework.

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