Evolution Aqua ReefPRO Aquariums

Evolution Aqua ReefPRO Aquariums

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The eaReefPro Aquariums are a stunning collection of high class, premium marine fish tanks that give you an advanced setup to create your own reef display. Made with thick, highly polished low iron glass and being 24 inches high, the eaReefPro Aquariums allow you to have the most luxurious marine landscape right in your home. The eaReefPro Aquariums feature a rimless and braceless design, allowing for maximum viewing pleasure whilst being framed by a neat black silicone lining.

With every eaReefPro is a 4 chambered sump tank, which is elegantly hidden away inside the included cabinet stand to keep unsightly aquarium equipment out of view. The sump is ideal for reefkeepers because of the increased space it allows for aquascaping, and most importantly giving the best possible water filtration and purification as well.

Most closed reef systems employ the use of a protein skimmer in their sumps. Every protein skimmer manufacturer and model recommend a different optimum water height for it to run in, which may cause problems with conventionally fixed baffle glass sumps. eaReefPro Sumps employ a clever system of moveable height baffles, enabling you to set the baffle height in the sump to exactly what the skimmer model needs for best performance. By employing the same methodology in the second sump chamber, the water level can be raised there too to best accommodate filters, reactors or algae refugiums, and raised either singly or in tandem so that the water volume in the sump can be increased and set for maximum performance for your Aquarium.

Every eaReefPro sump features 4 separate chambers and is capable of housing large, high performance protein skimmers, pumps and other equipment (not included) while also accommodating a suitably large built-in reservoir for important water top ups.

Water is circulated constantly in the eaReefPro aquariums with additional filtration and water pumps and the water height in the main tank will be set at a permanent height, regardless of evaporation. This ensures that no coral will ever be left high and dry due to evaporation influence on the main display tank. If needed, you can top up the water in the aquarium discretely in the sump tank, whilst also allowing you to carry out water tests without disturbing the live stock in the main display tank.

eaReefPro Cabinets

With 16 stunning cabinet finishes, and being completely hand built in the UK, the eaReefPro Cabinet offers you flexibility and style that matches the aquarium perfectly.
Featuring 19mm thick push open doors and triple adjustable soft close hinges, the eaReefPro cabinet gives you a seamless, modernly designed stand finished to the finest quality to showcase your beautiful coral reef display.

The eaReefPro Cabinets come ready assembled for a quick and trouble free set up.

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