Cloverleaf Particle Separation Systems

Cloverleaf Particle Separation Systems

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Key Features


The Particle separator can be used as a single tank/bay in a stand alone situation (providing mechanical & biological filtration). Alternatively the PSS can be hooked into any existing pump-fed multi-bay filter system where it would replace any vortex bay - with any existing vortex then being converted into a biological bay/chamber.

The key design concept of the PSS is to remove/trap suspended particles/solids from the water which would typically flow straight through many vortex bays and thus pollute any biological media. The PSS can be classified as a highly refined vortex unit, which of course means that any existing filter (or bays) require far less maintenance - meaning a greater biological bed is established.


Models available:

Cloverleaf Particle Separation Filter System 1

Cloverleaf Particle Separation Filter System 2

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