Cloverleaf Filter Answer Pond Treatment

Cloverleaf Filter Answer Pond Treatment

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The Cloverleaf Filter Answer is an effective water treatment that assists in establishing balanced pond systems.

Filter Answer is a live bacterial culture treatment that helps establish a balanced water system and optimum conditions to assist a new pond develop the correct eco system.

The treatment helps to reduce nitrite and ammonia rises that occur during the early stages of the nitritfying process, which are very toxic to fish and aquatic life.

The Filter Answer should be added as soon as a new pond has been completed, this gives the beneficial bacteria time to work, removes all harmful elements and prepares your pond effectively for its first inhabitants.

The treatment can also be used when a new filter has been installed into existing ponds. The use of this water treatment helps the already established eco system to remain at its best and eliminates any unwanted chemicals that might be present when new equipment is installed. The treatment helps to add beneficial bacteria which is essential in kick starting a filter system into operating at its optimum.

Filter Answer is easy to use, simply add 100ml per 1000 Litres of water and apply twice in the first month of use.


250ml Treats 2500 Litres (550 Gal)

1 Litre Treats 10000 Litres (2200 Gal)

Apply 100ml per 1000litres (220gal) of pond water in new ponds or after replacing the filter system and should be applied twice in the first month with an additional dose every month , mix the required amount with 3 litres of pond water and apply to the filter system and the pond, ultra violet systems should be turned off for the first 24 hours after each application. The pond water should be tested on a regular basis for nitrite and ammonia, once the tests remain stable for at least 2 weeks the regular use of“Sludge Answer' is recommended to maintain pond conditions by helping to reduce the build up of solids both in the pond and in the filter.

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