Cloverleaf Absolute Parasite + Advanced Parasite Pond Treatment

Cloverleaf Absolute Parasite + Advanced Parasite Pond Treatment

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Absolute Parasite+ is an advanced parasite treatment for freshwater fish that helps to maintain a healthy pond environment by eliminating both external and internal parasites. Absolute Parasite+ works to control unwanted parasites and worms and is effective against a variety of cases, such as; skin flukes, gill flukes, internal worms and white spot. The treatment is also effective against larger parasites such as; anchor worm, leeches, and fish lice.

Absolute Parasite+ rapidly reduces parasite outbreaks over a 14 day period and is safe to use with koi and all other ornamental fish. The treatment is safe to use with ponds containing salts and will also work in low temperatures, however, the recovery period will be prolonged. Simply add 1g of Absolute Parasite+ per 50L of pond water, make sure to dissolve treatment first in water taken from the pond and distribute evenly.

Please Note:
This treatment can be harmful to invertebrates including: Shrimps, crabs and other crustaceans, snails and other molluscs, starfish and other echinoderms, and corals.


Suitable for: Fresh water koi and other ornamental fish

Available sizes:250g (treats 6,250 litres), 500g (treats 12,500 litres), 1000 (treats 25,000 litres)

Usage:Day 1 add 1g of Absolute Parasite+ per 50L of pond water. Repeat on the 14th day.

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