Bermuda Wi-Fi Controlled Pond Pumps

Bermuda Wi-Fi Controlled Pond Pumps

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Available in two models, the Bermuda Pond Filter Pump is a smart device that can be controlled from a mobile app. There are various functions within the app such as allowing you to set the flow rate, power, and feeding periods (toggling this will allow you to designate feeding times, causing your pump to pause activity). This level of control means that you can run your filter system efficiently and conserve power, saving you money on your energy bill. The device can either be submerged completely beneath the water or it can be dry mounted with an external inlet hose feeding into the pond. Submerging the pump means that small solids can be filtered out as the water passes through the pump thanks to the protective cage guard. Setting up the Bermuda Pond Pump is easy, all you need to do is connect one end of the hose to the pump outlet and the other end to an external filter or watercourse.

The Bermuda Pond Pump runs smoothly and quietly and is fully epoxy sealed for complete water proofing. It features an energy-saving motor for large water volumes and high pressure. This device also features an external controller for manual set up when access to the mobile app is not possible, providing basic functions such as an ON/OFF toggle, a flow rate toggle, and a Wi-Fi reset switch.

Cable length from controller to pump is 10m for both pumps - they also have an additional 2m open ended cable for use with plugs or control boards. Both Pumps come with stepped hosetails and solvent adapters, as well as o-rings. Please check the specifications for sizes and details

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