Aruba Aquatics Pond Silt Vac

Aruba Aquatics Pond Silt Vac

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The Aruba Aquatics Silt Vac Remover is a simple yet effective hand operated pond cleaning tool. Simply place the vac into the effected pond area, making sure that the mesh net is hanging over the pond, and lift the vac handle to start filtering!

Target hard to reach areas of your pond that perhaps cannot be reached by other mechanical filtration devices that require an electricity outlet.

The Aruba Aquatics Silt Vac Remover can handle small solids and functions best when filtering through organic waste such as silt and sludge fond at the bottom of your pond. It is easy to store and mobile due to not having to rely on the availability of an electrical outlet.

Using the Silt Vac Remover will mean less debris in your pond, leading to a healthier environment for the wildlife.


Height: 1.15 meters

Fully Extended Height: 1.86 meters

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