Velda Victoria Vase on Rock Outdoor Water Feature

Velda Victoria Vase on Rock Outdoor Water Feature

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Velda Victoria Vase on Rock Water Feature is the perfect addition to the garden, where space might not allow a pond.

Flowing water can create a calming atmosphere in a garden setting, but not everyone wants to have a pond or large feature in their garden. The Victoria Vase on Rocks is a creative way to add water features using the limited amount of space.

The feature has been designed to look like an old fashioned Victoria pottery piece, sitting on a rock base. The feature has an easy to access water reservoir allowing you to reach the pump inside if maintenance is needed. The pump gently moves the water up the central pipe and through the fountain head at the top. The cascading water flows down the sides of the decorative vase and return to the hidden reservoir by way of a concealed return slot.

The top of the Vase houses a small but powerful LED light that eliminates as the water flows through, creating an attractive and eye catching water display.


Dimensions: 40 x 38 x 65cm

Pump: 450 LPH (Low Voltage)

Cable: 3m (No plug)

Power: 6 Watts

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