Cloverleaf ADTEC Professional CL Multi Bay Filters with PSS

Cloverleaf ADTEC Professional CL Multi Bay Filters with PSS

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This ADTEC range of Professional CL filters are supplied with an integral Particle Separation System (PSS) in lieu of any vortex bay. Incorporation of the PSS advanced technology means a far greater increase in filter efficiency: 100% beyond the standard CL range. The stated efficiency or performance gains are possible principally due to the PSS media (or PSM) preventing contamination of biological media in other bays.

Whilst the prime function of the PSM is to act in a mechanical capacity the media itself also has a large biological capacity, especially when the media cleaning process only ever involves mature pond water and compressed air (oxygen).

Furthermore it should be noted that the conventional brushes (installed as standard to bay No2) are not needed for mechanical filtration purposes, and thus via protection from the PSM will act as an additional quality biological bed.

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