KCT Leon 6.5ft Chicken Coop and Run

KCT Leon 6.5ft Chicken Coop and Run

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The Large 6.5ft chicken coop with run is a generously sized enclosure suitable for housing poultry and birds both securely and comfortably.

Made from durable wood material and metal wire mesh - the 6.5ft chicken coop provides a practical bird keeping solution whilst looking great in your garden.

The coop has great access via the lid located on the top, and by the 3 latched doors positioned along the front. Cleaning is also made easier with the slide-out plastic tray located at the bottom of the indoor section. Inside the coop, there are 2 perching spots and a shelf above for nesting and sleeping comfortably.

The indoor section can be closed off from the run via a door, allowing you to clean or gain access without bothering your livestock.

The 6.5ft chicken coop is finished off with green stained panels, and a solid white frame.


Overall Dimensions: 198 x 75 x 103cm (LxWxH)
Internal Run: 124 x 67 x 101cm (LxWxH)
Internal Indoor: 90 x 66 x 90cm (LxWxH)
Nesting Area: 66 x 29cm - Raised 35cm off of the ground
Perches: 60 x 3.5cm (LxW)

Internal Door: 34 x 67cm (LxH)
Nesting Area Door: 52 x 27cm (LxH)
Run Door: 41 x 94cm (LxH)

Please Note* - This unit takes 2 people to assemble. The coop comes flat packed in 2 boxes, along with easy to read instructions and fittings.

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